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Blue Futurism.

Blue Futurism.

Futurist group features - 27/2/12

1. Beast of Budabliss. By Seth Weaver.   Bluewater by Anivad. By Davinia Nicholas.    3. War and peace. By Marlies Odehnal.

Sunday Futurist Features.

Featured Strip A.C.T.W. Futurism.Futurismo 123456

123456 - Sunday Group features A.C.T.W. Futurism 26/2/12.

1. Hot Fun Out West in Arizona. Angela L Walker. 2. an infinate number of events have come together to create this moment Scott Michelle. 3. sleep walker. Anthony DeMichele. 4. In Search of Windmills. Reynaldo. 5. ps96 Walraji. 6. ps94 walraji.

Futurist Features 26/2/12.


Features 26/2/12


Futurist Features.


Featured work 25/2/12: Adam Bogusz, Seth Weaver, Yvonca, Susan Ringler, Frank Balestracci, Nawroski, Loui Jover, Tom Norton, Scott Allison.

Female Olympic Hurdler.


Death of an Entrepreneur 3 & Antenna Forest. (i/phone cover)

Andy Warhol & Rauschenberg.

Futurist Features.

21st Century Futurism.




Death of an Entrepreneur.

Death of an Entrepreneur.

Death of an Entrepreneur.

You! A Better Nation.


Why Does the Army Need You.

Meal Before the Seance.

Meal Before the Seance.

Meal Before the Seance.

tick tock

Future Fashion Reflex.

Future Fashions

Future Fashion Reflex's.

Hand & Eye Co/ordination.

Hand & Eye Co/ordination.

Colonization to an Unsettled Society on a Parallel Universe.

Colonization to an Unsettled Society on a Parallel Universe.

Colonization to an Unsettled Society on a Parallel Universe.

Futurist Portraits.

Futurist Portraits.

Artist’s: Adam Boguz, Wormink, Nicholas Morgan, ivDAvnu & Seth Weavers.

Black & White Futurism.

Futurist work.

Artist’s: mmargot, Loui Jover, aDAvnu, Nawroski,

Nawroski's Futurism

Melge. (Nawroski)

Featured Futurist Art.

Futurists Features 12/2/12

Futurists Features 12/2/12

Featured Futurist Art Work.

Futurist Film Still 4.

Futurist film Clip

Graveyard Tree’s.

3 o’clock foggy morning
stooped and dragging
slates & slabs sliding
grating teeth, grinding flesh
lifting high branches crying
a specter wields all dances
to watching partners
in beds never made
laugh like lions
Till morning light.


Futurist Film Sequence Still 3.

Futurist Film Sequence Still 3.

Futurist Features.

Weekly featured artists at Red/Bubble Futurist group.

Futurist Film Sequence Still 2.

Futurist Film Sequence 2.

Futurist Film Sequence Still 1.

Futurist Film Sequence.