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Futurist Group Challenge Winner.

Futurist Grooup Challenge Winner.

Featured Futurist Art Work By Artists From The Red/Bubble Futurist Group.

Featured Futurist Art Work By Artists From The Red/Bubble Futurist Group

1. second thoughts – gatons and glades and pink lemonade. By mhkantor.  2.Jug all ours. By wormink.  3. China 38: A New Opium for the masses.  4. Out of Balance. By Regina Valluzzi.  5. The Enlightener. By Adam Bogusz.  6. Yesterday and today. By Kseniako.  7. it’s me. By Sure 2010.  8. Stairway to Heaven. By Iris Glebart. 9. Door No 1 or Door No 2. By mmargot. 10. Fashion is Fleeting (but it feels so good you might just loose yours soon). By Ashenr0w Designs. 11. mechanical sky city. By tinncity. 12. Warrior. By Iris Glebart.

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Andrew Nawroski

Andrew Nawroski.

21st Century Futurist Features.

21st Century Futurist Features.123456789 10 11 12                                                                                                                                                             

1.A star is born. Susan Ringler. to think. Loui Jover.   3.Brave and Free.  AshenrowDesigns.    AshenrowDesigns.  4. the summer of 2020. Steve Jones.  5. Just another legend by suicide or old hat at that 1. mhkantor.  6. Portrait of a Futurist. Nawroski.  7. Sleep 1. Kseniako.  8. Untitled. Franck Balestracci. 9. 29. Bruno Nacif.  10. Urban Sonato. Adam Boguz.  11. sand flowers. Ksenaiko.  12. Cold disconnection. Benjamin Selmes.

Artist Community @ Red/Bubble Featured Work.

Artist Community @ Red/Bubble Featured Work.

12345678910 11 12 Futurist Art.

1. A Suit Don’t Make a Man. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes.  2. The Arrival. By Deborah Zaragoza.  3. City of Gold. By Tom Norton.  4. The Moving Lives in a Stil Composition. By Deborah Zaragoza.  5. The Occupation. By Steve Jones.  6. Soliloquy, Two Bit – One Eye Jack. By IDGARA.  7. Possible. By Doreen Connors.  8. 33. By Bruno Nacif.  9. 100. By Bruno Nacif.  10Stained Glass Man. By Seth Weaver.  11.Urban Tango. By Adam Boguz.  12. Music is My Sanctuary. By Angela L Walker.

Red/bubble featured Art 12/3/12.

Red/bubble featured Art

123456 Art.

1. The Last Days of Freedom of movement. By Steve Jones.  2.The Battle of Good Vs Evil. By Kevin McGeeney.  3.Trapped in Metropolis. By Marianna Tankelevich.  4. Hot Night are Albion. By Glenn Brady.  5. Doktor Faustus. By AndGoszcz.  6. Out of the Dream. By Adam Boguz.

Futurist Features March 11th.

Futurist Art 2012.123456789-Futurist Features Red/Bubble 3/9/12.

1.Ancient Vessels (with saliva). by chrythmnove.  2.Mechanisms. by gregg ottlinger.  3.  Satelites & solar panels by deborah zaragoza.  4.How to Build a Better Human part 2. by Susan Ringler.  5. Creature Wandering.  by glenn brady.  6. After the Tornado. by Marlies Odehnal.  7.London 1X by Igor Shraye.  8. The Mirror Never Lies is a Myth. by Nicholas R Morgan.  9. Shapes No 8 by Avinad.  by Davina Nicholas.  10.  Portrait of a Man with a Stone Face Dreaming about Playing the Guitar and Taking his Dog for a Walk.

Kandinsky Collage


Red/Bubble Futurist Group Features.

1. Ebb & Flow. Acrylic & lens on canvas by – Regina Valluzzi.  2. Downtown. by – Steve Jones.  3. Button Down Disasters. by Seth Weaver.  4. When the Rain Comes. by – marcwellman. 5.Captivia. by – Seth Weaver.  6. buffer zone, pissing in a dead mans eye or tristan tzara where are ya. by – mhkantor.

Red/Bubble futurist group featured work.