Collective of Futurists.

Artist Community @ Red/Bubble Featured Work.

Artist Community @ Red/Bubble Featured Work.

12345678910 11 12 Futurist Art.

1. A Suit Don’t Make a Man. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes.  2. The Arrival. By Deborah Zaragoza.  3. City of Gold. By Tom Norton.  4. The Moving Lives in a Stil Composition. By Deborah Zaragoza.  5. The Occupation. By Steve Jones.  6. Soliloquy, Two Bit – One Eye Jack. By IDGARA.  7. Possible. By Doreen Connors.  8. 33. By Bruno Nacif.  9. 100. By Bruno Nacif.  10Stained Glass Man. By Seth Weaver.  11.Urban Tango. By Adam Boguz.  12. Music is My Sanctuary. By Angela L Walker.

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