Collective of Futurists.

Futurist Featured Art.

Futurist Art

123456789 10 111.My Confession. By Sure 2010. 2.Daughter Of The Golden Emanations. By ellamental. 3. infrared flamingo. By Marie Monroe. 4. the explorer. By Loui Jover. 5.  how little we know. By mmargot. 6. WHAT. By Loui Jover. 7. Venus. By Marlies Odehnal. 8. Ultimate truth. By Sure 2010. 9. holding court or why don’t you just kick me in the balls and get it over with 2. By mahkantor. 10 “Oh Hilda! they are just so adorable at that age are you and Gertrude going to adopt another one?” “I think we have our hands filled with little Nicky for now”. By Nicholas R. Morgan. 11. The Horizontal Eye Test. By Nawroski.

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