Collective of Futurists.

Futurist Group Features 17/7/12

83. By Bruno NacifCrush Me. By Ashenrow Designs

Just Another Kick in the Teeth by Life or 'Thank You Sir, May I Have Another' 2. By mhkantor
I Am Not a Computer. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes
Notes from an Ateist. By Loui Jover
You Suck At Giving Facial Massages, No Put Me Back In The Tank You Bufoon. By Nicholas R Morgan
Take a Number. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes
We March Pripyat. By Josephine Pugh
Dy at the Mall. By Mark Skay
Spent. By Steve Jones

Sick Bloated Church. By Glenn BradyObject Untitled. By Natasha PerovaFeatures

One response

  1. Great collection !!! Thank you for the the featured… and congratulation to all !

    July 17, 2012 at 8:03 am

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