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Futurist Featured Art 11-11-012 Art


Futurist Features 21-10-012.

Futurist Art

August Featured Futurist Artists.

glenn brady Benjamin Thompson Selmesglen bradyBenjamin Thompson Selmesglen bradyBenjamin Thompson SelmesBenjamin Thompson SelmesBenjamin Thompson Selmesglenn bradyHelena Wison Sandersglen brady


1. in the rocks by the sea. By glenn brady  2. Seperated. By BenjamineThomson Selmes.  3.saint and the magpie. By glenn brady. 4.After winter comes spring, my phone never rings. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes. 5. Walking home in the cold wind. By glenn brady.  6. Soupression. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes. 7. australian dancing demon. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes. 8. Fighting with self. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes.  9. black straws and boats. By glenn brady.  10. Chav Madonna. By Helena Wilson Saunders. 11. sad man. By glenn brady

Latest Futurist Artist’s Featured Work.

Playing the Dead Man's Piano #9 By IDGARA. Playing on the Dead Man’s piano #9.IDGARA.

The Weight of Irrelevancy an the World or How To Catch a Cold When Not Looking 2.By Mkantor

The Weight of Irrelevancy on the World or How To Catch a Cold When Not Looking 2.By Mkantor

The Texture of Uniformity. By Steve Jones.

The Texture of Uniformity. By Steve Jones.

The Only Solution Is the Only Solution. By Scott Mitchell.

Whilst Dreaming I See. By Ben Loveday.

Feeling Blue Hidden Secrets 2. By Martin Dingli.

Eyes of the Accuser. By Seth Weaver.

Nuclear Dream. By Rebecca Fries.

You Never Mentioned Those Thoughts. By Steve Jones.

Woman 4. By IrisGelart.

Modern Inconveniences. By Adamkissel.

Queen Takes Bishop. By Mark Skay.

A. C. T. W. Futurism June Featured Artist.

Profile here

Some of the artists recent work here –

Featured Artist

Hand & Eye Co/ordination.

Hand & Eye Co/ordination.

Black & White Futurism.

Futurist work.

Artist’s: mmargot, Loui Jover, aDAvnu, Nawroski,

Futurist Features.

Weekly featured artists at Red/Bubble Futurist group.