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New Futurism.

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Futurist Features Jan 27 ~ 02014.


Futurismo 21.

Futurismo 21.


Futurist Group Features. FeaturesFuturist

Futurist Features 13/7/12

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onshore By chrythmnovethe professor By Anthony DiMichelehumanize By Michael A. Morrisonwe breath By rebecca friescut and paste siciety By steve jonesTribal Dancers By Angela L WalkerGum Stiches Bt Ashenrow Designsdesperate for thee By Sure2010The Mask That Wears Myself By ellamentalInstitution 8 By Nicholas R Morganflying home By glenn bradyComposite Monsters By ivDAnu

Red/bubble featured Art 12/3/12.

Red/bubble featured Art

123456 Art.

1. The Last Days of Freedom of movement. By Steve Jones.  2.The Battle of Good Vs Evil. By Kevin McGeeney.  3.Trapped in Metropolis. By Marianna Tankelevich.  4. Hot Night are Albion. By Glenn Brady.  5. Doktor Faustus. By AndGoszcz.  6. Out of the Dream. By Adam Boguz.

Art Changing the World – A New Collective 21st Century Futurism.

Art Changing the World Futurism Group Latest Selection.