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August Featured Futurist Artists.

glenn brady Benjamin Thompson Selmesglen bradyBenjamin Thompson Selmesglen bradyBenjamin Thompson SelmesBenjamin Thompson SelmesBenjamin Thompson Selmesglenn bradyHelena Wison Sandersglen brady


1. in the rocks by the sea. By glenn brady  2. Seperated. By BenjamineThomson Selmes.  3.saint and the magpie. By glenn brady. 4.After winter comes spring, my phone never rings. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes. 5. Walking home in the cold wind. By glenn brady.  6. Soupression. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes. 7. australian dancing demon. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes. 8. Fighting with self. By Benjamin Thompson Selmes.  9. black straws and boats. By glenn brady.  10. Chav Madonna. By Helena Wilson Saunders. 11. sad man. By glenn brady


Futurist Featured Art Work.

#1. Chav Madonna. By Helena Wilson – Saunders.  2. Access to the 14th dimension is denied incomplete password, please re – study manual. By Nicholas R Morgan.  3. Venus…she is rising. By Susan Ringler.  4.  the mechanical beanstalk. By Tinncity.  5. WAR IS ADDICTIVE. By Albert. 6. 93. By Bruno Nacif. 7. dot dot. Marie Monroe. 8. holding court no mercy no quarter just a dollar and a dime dancin a two step under the midnight sun second – version. Mhkantor. 9. Just baby and me and daddy makes three. By Iris Gelbart. 10. Welcome to Hell. By Helena Wilson – Saunders. 11. Unlock the vision.. By sure 2010. 12. 16. By Bruno Nacif.

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